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Chapter - Foreign Policy of Iran

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Political Science
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POLI 341
Imad Mansour

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The Foreign Policy of Middle East StatesChapter 13 The Foreign Policy of IranAnoushiravan EhteshamiIntroImportant regional pawn during Cold WarNonaligned and proactively religious power since 1979 Islamic RevolutionIslamic Revolution had major impact on domestic security considerations of neighboring statesiYet Irans FP has remained largely nonaggressive and pragmaticForeign Policy DeterminantsGeopolitics Between Autonomy and AmbitioniCenter of Eurasian crossroadscoveted goal for US and USSRaFear of foreign interference has engendered strong Iranian nationalism and concern for territorial integrity Has created an Iranocentric view of the worldbIran still wary of involvement with regional large powers This led to the arrogance of nonsubmission and fierce independencecNeither East nor West during Cold War and Negative balance after Cold War FP doctrines formed in response to outside interferenceIran has succeeded in achieving political autonomy but not a complete break of economic ties to the outside worldIdentity and Role Iran as an Islamic ActoriIran felt itself uniquely qualified to be the leader of the Islamic world 1950s1970saAttempted to realize this through military supremacy under Mohammad Reza ShahiiMessianiac Shiism posed challenge to regional status quoaCaused tension with Saudi Arabia IraqbIran supported other Shiite movements Hizbollah in Lebanon Front Islamique du Salut FIS in Algeria Turabi regime in Sudan Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan alNahda Party in TunisiaThe Economic FactoriThe Primacy of HydrocarbonsaRush to modernize Iranian economy led to great dependence on hydrocarbon resources Allowed Pahlavi
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