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Gidden Rose - Neo Classical Realism and Theories of Foreign Policy

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Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Gideon Rose NeoClassical Realism and Theories of ForeignPolicy World Politics 51 1 1998 144172Four Theories of Foreign policy1 Innenpolitik theories1 a Stress the influence of domestic factors on foreign policy b VS the others that are all variants of realism and highlight the influence of the international system on state behavior c Foreign policy has its sources in domestic politics d Internal factors such as political and economic ideology national character partisan politics or socioeconomic structure determine how countries behave toward the world beyond their borders e A modified dyadic version would be the notion of the democratic peace which holds that the behavior of democracies is different when they deal with each others f Many variants of Innenpolitk favoring different specific domestic independent variables but all common assumptionforeign policy is best understood as the product of a countrys internal dynamics g Key problempure unitlevel explanations have difficulty accounting for why states with similar domestic systems often act differently in the foreign policy sphere and why dissimilar states in similar situations often act alike i Solution by neorealist modelapplying the model to individual state behavior as well as to international outcomeswhich developed offensive and defensive realism
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