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bronson : syria : hanging together or hanging separately

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Bronson Syria Hanging Together or Hanging Separately after Asads death in 2000 his son Dr Bashar was quickly accepted as president a source of relief for the US and the region as it indicated a smooth transition he faces challenges in consolidating power and dealing with varioussources of rising tension the importance of the transition highlights the impact domestic issues can have on international politics although Syria is facing several thorny foreign policy issues its key concern is domestic the collapsing economy Syrias history Asads rule was much more peaceful and stable than that of previousleaders between 1946 and 1970 Syria was arguably the most unstable state in the region regular coups detat divisions on religious political class geographic lines politicized fractious military overinvolved in political process Eg and Iraq heavily involved in Syrian domestic politics supporting their own alliesaffected foreign policy 1958 union between Eg and Syria seen as an outcome of panArabism union driven by Syrian Bathists who saw benefit for themselves in aligning with Eg expected Nasser to help put down their political enemies in actuality Nasser put down all the parties within Syria in his own favour and denied the Bathists positions in domestic politics that they were expecting to retain 1961 union dissolved after this the Bath party looked mostly to Iraq for support and Nasserists continued to appeal to Eg military continues to grow in political power by the end of the 60s the military wing of the Bath party was the only faction left standing 1967 Syria in shock after the major losses of the 1967 War 1970 Asad as head of the air force and defense minister refuses to provide air cover for Syrian forces ordered into Jordan by the thenPresident Saleh Jadeed the action proved the Presidents weakness and allowed Asad to assume the presidency to replace him Syria under Asad characterized by predicability and stability
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