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Muslih - Towards Coexistence

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Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Muslih Towards Coexistence 14 December 1988 Yasir Arafat made the following policy changes recognized Israel accepted UN Security Council Resolution 242 renounced terrorism the changes allowed for an opening of dialogue between the PLO and US though there were suspicions over why the major change had come soabruptly and many believed that the PLO was still committed to destroyingIsrael in reality the change was the result of a process over the years of evolving Pal thinking the PLO has gained formal recognition internationally as the representative of the Pal and it is accepted as such by Pal themselves leads the struggle towards national rights for Pal provides cultural social and economic services to Pal as well helping torebuild the Palestine National Council PNC the highest body of the PLO the quasiparliamentformed in 1964 defines policy and programs essentially created the PLO to begin with supposed to meet once a year also may hold emergency sessions ifneeded has at any time between 150400 members not elected due to thedifficulties of holding elections without a geographic centre or a permissivepolitical environment but represents Pal fairly well Fateh always has more delegates than any other group and opposition to Fateh is often divided so there cannot be effective countering decisions it makes are binding on the PLO Executive Committee which itelects as a Pal cabinet imp distinction the National Charters formulate Pal rights and aims in optimal theoretical terms while the PNC resolutions are an actual program of action formed based on the current realities of the Pal situation the gap between the two continues to grow though Pal leadership feels that they have made all possible concessions that
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