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Nikki R Keddy - What Recent History has Taught Iranians

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Nikki R Keddy What Recent History Has Taught IraniansFrom 2003 the situation in Iran appeared to be one of crisis uncertainties growing opposition to the ruling elite and continuing arrests and crackdowns carried out by that elite One important element in Iranian political history in its mvt of resistance btw 1890 and 1979 has been the political alliance btw Bazaar traditional bourgeoisie and the clergy This alliance was central in the mvt against a British monopoly over tobacco in 189192 as well as to the revolution of 190511 and 197879 The clerical role in politics is not due to Twelver Shiism but to its special development in Iran after Safavid dynasty This dynasty established the Shiism as the state religion in ththe 16 century The clerical institution kept most of its financial independence from the gvt collecting religious taxes and managing growing inalienable endowments The Failing Bazaar Clerical AllianceThe old alliance reappeared as the gvt had effectively suppressed many leftists and liberal nationalists oppositionists From 1979 to today hwr as the core of the ruling elite has become more limited and cha
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