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Explaining Third World Alignment - Steven David
Explaining Third World Alignment - Steven David

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Explaining Third World AlignmentBy Steven R DavidAbstract Third world countries are more concerned with internal threats since the state goal is leadership survival For this reason omnibalancing is an accurate theory for developing states This theory assumes that lesser challenges must be appeased for states to deal w principle ones Alignment a state brings its policies into close cooperation with another state to achieve mutual security goals The goal is to prevent another state from achieving preponderanceemergence of a hegemonic power will threaten their own survival Government of third worlds goal stay in power They try to ensure political and physical survival States sometimes take decisions at the expensive of the state to maintain power Balance of power is inadequate for explaining third world alignments Third world leaders consider internal and external threats They seek to appease secondary threats in order to counter more immediate and dangerous threats This is balancing bc the accommodation is made to conserve strength for the battle against a primary threat Omnibalancing leaders appease secondary threats as well as balance against both internal and external threats in order to stay in power In this way it is less parsimonious but increases explanatory and predictive powerAccepts from realismIntl system is bound to conflict Intt politics focuses on power interests and rationalityHierarchy of issuesoSurivial most importantDeparts from realismInternal threats are most important for devt countriesLeader of state rather than the state itself should be used as the level of analysisChallenges core assumption that states are unitary actors pursuing national interestsGeneralizing the Third World
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