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Institutions , Roles and Disorder : The Case of the Arab States System - Michael Barnett

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Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Institutions Roles and Disorder The Case of the Arab States SystemMichael Barnett Goal of Article Explore the relationship between institutions roles and role conflict and examines the destabilizing effects of the coexistence of overlapping international institutions in the context of the Arab Middle Easty Concept of international institutions emphasizes the prospects of interstate cooperation a distinct contrast from the pessimistic approach of realism o Institutions clarify norms and rules that guide state behavior and create mutual expectations between states This encourages actors to have greater trust in each other y A variety of problems can and should be addressed with institutions o Environmental problemsUnited Nations Environmental Program and Montreal Protocols o International trading in order to increase free tradeGATT o Chaos and disorder in Europea variety of security institutions many that emerged during the Cold War y Definition of Institutions o Robert Keohanea persistent and connected set of rules formal and informal that prescribe behavioral roles constrain activity and shape expectations o Oran Youngidentifiable practices consisting of recognized roles linked by clusters of rules or conventions governing relations among the occupants of these roles o BartnettOnce state actors adopt a particular role they usually limit their behavior in a continuous and predictable manner which accordingly harmonizes mutual expectations and increases system stability y To analyze institutions one must look at the relationship between roles and institutions Two concerns o Whereas roles figure prominently in many definitions of institutions they are given scant theoretical or empirical attention in the institutions literature there is a need to maximize conformity between expectations for the behavior of members and their actual behavior o The state is often embedded in more than one institution and each institution demands a different role and set of behavioral actions Does this mean that state roles or incompatible or are their implications this incompatibility may have for institutional stability States are embedded in multiple international and domestic institutions which implies that states have multiple roles identities and interests y Causal question of institutions and rolesinstitutions shape roles however actors develop a particular identify as a consequence of their presence in institutionsy Role How the individual or state participates in society according to a particular identity and comes to modify behavior accordinglyy To whom do we attribute the actions emitted in the name of the state 3 approaches o Equate state with top officials o Leaders are socialized into and internalize these roles
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