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Regions and Powers : The Structure of International Security - Buzan Barry and Ole Waevar

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Regions and Powers The structure of international security Buzan Barry and Ole Waever y Chapter explains RSCT Regional Security Complexes Theory y Theory explains the suborder arrangement at the regional level The authors of the book apply this in conjunction with realistliberal interpretations to try and establish the new world order y The authors compare RSCT to Huntingtons theory about the clash of civilizations While Huntingtons theory is focused on the international level RSCTs focus on regional level and attributes the formation of regional complexes not to cultural development but to real regional security concerns The book itself provides for a general explanation of the RSCT approach and gives multiple examples of its applicationSecurity at the regional level y The most used levels of analysis are obviously the national or international level But the national level is insufficient and the international one too large it assumes too much integration between countriesRegional level of analysis not seen through a cultural or a historic lens but rather that of a security lensAs
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