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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Foreign Policy of Israel

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Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

FPMES Chapter 6 The Foreign Policy of IsraelThrough Israels burgeoning strategic relationship with Ankara its concerns expressed forcefully over the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction by Baghdad and Tehran as well as the continued importance placed upon the special relationship with the US delineate a continuity of thinking seemingly immune from changes in the broad arena of global politicsIn other words Israeli foreign policy has become synonymous with national securityIsraels foreign policy is as much about defining the political boundaries of Zionism as it is about determining the future physical borders of the Jewish StatePopular support among Israelis for some form of rapprochement with the Arab world in general and the Palestinians most importantlyForeign Policy DeterminantsSystemic LevelRealism still prevailsStill regard the Middle East as a region in turmoil recidivist tendencies still determine interstate relationsTel Avivs relationship with the US can be described as bandwagoningDespite huge inflows of US capital into an economic system the structure of the relationship between Israel and the US has immunized the Jewish state to a large extent from greatpower leverage usually associated with coreperiphery relations in the international system Israel now has the largest concentration of software firms outside of the US Defence spending dropped from 33 1975 to 9 1995 however they are still supplemented with US aidRegional SystemNew order introduced after the signing of the Oslo accords based on regional multilateralismState is the main actor makes the security dilemma good for explaining the contours of interstate relations deterrence remains the bedrock of Israels strategic thinkingOffensive minded defence led to bombings and assassinations of individualsUtilize strategic alliances and power politics demonstrate classical realismStrategic role in the area due to their possession of nuclear weaponsThe acceptance of the Jewish state by others would not have occurred without these capabilitiesState Formation and IdentityBetween 19481967 debates over the exact territory to be claimed as part of the Jewish sovereign state was not being resolvedLarge demands on the Israeli population settle in inhospitable areas long stints in the military and heavy taxation in order to maintain the state1
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