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The determinants of the Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkey European Vocation - Mustafa Aydin

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Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

The determinants of Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkey European VocationMustafa Aydin IntroductionTurkeys geopolitical position has allowed it to play a potentially higher role in world politics Member of the largest surviving military bloc NATOAssociate member of the EU Turkey has emerged as an important actorpoised to play a leading role across a vast region extending from eastern Europe to western ChinaYet turkey lives in a constant insecurity complexnational security syndromenot suited to its position and influence in the region and international politics A sense of confusion dominates the discussion both abroad and within the country about the exact nature of Turkey its people and foreign policy prioritiesvery difficult to place Turkey into any neat geographical cultural political or economic category About 97 of its land lies in Asiayet Turkeys progressive elite consider their country as part of EuropeAbout 98 of its population is Muslimyet Turkey is a secular state by choice and its religious dvpt has taken a different path from that of other Muslim countries Culturally most of the country reflects the peculiarities of wider ME cultureyet it participates with an equal persistency in European cultural events It claims to have a liberal economic systemyet the remnants of the planned economy hamper the countrys dvpt Hence we can claim that Turkey is a unique case General assumption that there are patterns in the FP of nations but there is a danger that such generalizations may prevent us from recognizing the diversity of forms which FP can actually take The FP of every single state is an integral part of its peculiar system of gvt and reflects its particular circumstanceseach case needs to be located in its specific conditions within the international system Foreign policy making bodies of any state receive inputs demands values threats feedback from the outside world and respond to them To make sense of the FP process we need to look at these inputs and their interrelationshipsThe interplay of two kinds of variables determine the FP Structural variables geographical positions historical experiences cultural background together with national stereotypes and images of other nations and longterm economic necessities
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