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Fred Halliday - Iran and the Middle East : foreign policy and doemstic change

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Fred Halliday Iran and the Middle East Foreign Policy and Domestic Changey Iran has a number of interlocking regional security concerns y Lately domestic politics have been dominated by contrasting reformist and conservative ideas o Reformism is popular and is believed to eventually win out but conservatism is deeply entrenched in the internal organs overseeing of government judiciary and security forces of the regime o The Reformist movement is divided and not strong enough nor united enough to defeat conservatism y Domestic policy and foreign policy do not always align o Economic factors would dictate coming closer to the west but this would mean closer to the USA y Other divisionary topics in Iranian foreign policy o Over normalization with the outside world o Policy making structure is not focused in one area o Globalization y Khatami has increased dialogue with outside world including selective western states and has talked neutrally about USA o Called for openness toward nonIslamic states or a Dialogue Of Civilizations o But his relation to the US should not be seen as open in any way o Also is pro Atomic weapon
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