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Iran's Nuclear Challenge - Colln Dueck and Ray Takeyh

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Political Science
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POLI 341
Imad Mansour

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Irans Nuclear Challenge By Colin Dueck and Ray TakeyhIran having nuclear weapons is a great threat to the USA and to the international communityRevelations and ContinuitiesIran started the process of acquiring and developing nuclear weapons in the 70s to give it the option to retaliate in the case of competitors doing the sameWestern concerns about Iranian proliferation are belated because they are the ones who sold Iran the necessary equipmentIran had to turn to Russia as a new source of aid because of the refusal to help from the West and ChinaoRussia assisted in the building of 2 nuclear reactorsThroughout the 90s the international community was complacent about Irans nuclear program but this changed in 2002 when a series of revelations indicated the sophistication of Iranian progress they had come close to having selfsufficient nuclear weapons and were continuing sophisticated developmentNuclear empowerment is costly and a state usually embarks upon such a project for a certain strategic objectiveOne must assess domestic and international factors to understand Irans decisions and strategiesThe International ContextSome t
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