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Iran's Foreign and Secuirty Policies : How the Decisionmaking Process Evolved - Jalil Roshandel

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Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Irans Foreign and Security Policies How the Decisionmaking Process Evolved Jalil RoshandelWhat is this article about It explores the changes in the decisionmaking process in Iran since the 1979 revolution It will demonstrate how the Iranian foreign policy has evolved to become more rational and practical with the outside world Framework and Formal StructureMaximizing national interests and securityRevolutionary Iran was modeled on the idea of an Islamic state where people would obey tothose who know better this was the main principle of relationships Any proposed change to this principle is attributed to the enemy who does not like the Islamic Ummah nation The decisions cannot be contestedDuring the first years after the Revolution Irans foreign policy was actively engaged in classifying other states as either friends or enemiesThe Western list of enemies were the USA Israel some European countries and IraqThe Eastern listthe Soviet Union is the big enemy It was important for Iran to cancel its dependency on the West and replace it with a policy of nonalignment In the early years after the Re
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