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Political Science
POLI 342
Theodore Mc Lauchlin

Heather A. Smith, “Disrupting Internationalism and Finding the Others,” in Calire Turenne Sjolander, Heather A. Smith and Deborah Stienstra, eds., Feminist Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Policy, pp. 24 – 39. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2003. A. Introduction  Typical discourse: Canada = country committed to global common good and promotion of some vision of international community o Canada = moral state that seeks to build humane world o Perpetuate myth of good internationalist  Masks nature of Canadian FP  Cdn FP based on inclusiveness creates “others” and promotes difference in interest of state  Argument: internationalism = gendered as feminine means by which to promote difference o Masks nature of internationalism o Lock into binary analysis that deals with others  3 examples of othering o (1) treatment of indigenous peoples  in order to accept legacy of internationalism, we need to forget others o (2) response to Chinese migrants in BCC reveals openness of internationalism conditional on “others” staying outside o (3) internationalism bound to interests of state when “genuine” state interests challenged; natural environment = “other”  attempt to bring voices of others back into Canadian FP B. Defining Internationalism  Characteristics of internationalism: o (1) commitment to multilateralism o (2) creating, maintaining, managing community at global level o (3) good international citizenship: peacekeeping, military spending to support alliance, organizing support for global ban on landmines o (4) voluntaristic form of diplomacy  internationalism applied to Cdn FP o (1) multilateralism viewed as essential component of Cdn foreign policy o (2) community understood very broadly  all-inclusive, involving states, NGOs, private sector, human beings  promotion of new norms: avid supporter of concept of democratic peace, freedom of opinion and expression, promotion of people’s safety o (3) good international citizenship: Canada recognizes need for new kinds of diplomacy, leadership in setting agendas, need to promote human security  five priorities identified protection of civilians, peace- support operations, prevention of conflict, governance + accountability, public safety o (4) voluntarism informs government discourse  Canada promotes International Criminal Court = greater interest and not motivated by particular Canadian bias  Cdn foreign policy affects human activities, defines what is legitimate/illegitimate and marginalizes certain voices C. Problematizing Internationalism  Internationalism serves Cdn state, not global community  Voices silenced due to “othering”: o (1) First Nations  Golden Era of FP late 1940s and 1950s: Canadian state actively involved in relocation of Inuit peoples in Eastern Arctic – Canada maintained reserve system for
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