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Political Science
POLI 347
Julie Norman

4/17/2013 9:34:00 PM Caplan ch 2 Who are the conflicting parties? It is difficult to decide who is a conflicting party because within themselves they would disagree. The Jews for example could be a nonpolitical world religious community with no special territorial rights, claims, aspirations or they could be people entitled to lay claim to a national steak on the territory they call the land of Israel. Jews defined as a people comprising many ethnic, cultural, and linguistic groups. Generally have a belief in Judaism or have a biological lineage for example being born to a Jewish mother. They are unified through their culture by sharing common ancestry, traditions, customs, heritage, and future. Zionism a movement that supports the idea that the Jewish identity has national, political, and territorial components. Zionists are not exclusively Jews. * there are non-Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews who reject this collective definition & see themselves uniquely as belonging to a religious group. But, the numbers of non-an anti-Zionist Jews have declined, particularly since the rise of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians are of the opinion that Jews are purely a religious community. Israelis are citizens of the state of Israel. A member state of the UN since. May 1949. Arabs are an ethno-national group with common cultural and linguistic roots emanating from ancient tribes in the Arabian Peninsula. Confrontation states: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. What are the main issues? 1. sovereignty over land both parties lay claim to the same land. Palestine as defined by the British mandate in 1922 and Israel according to scriptures. 2. demography, land purchase and migration 3. borders Basle Program (Resolutions of the First Zionist Congress), 29 August 1897 - attempted to promote the settlement of jewish farmers, artisans and manufacturers in Palestine - organize and unite all Jewish people and culture through “appropriate institutions” - strengthen and develop jewish national consciousness and sentiment, obtain consent of government towards attaining Zionist goals The McMahon-Husayn Correspondence, July 1915 to March 1916 The arab countries wish to seek independence and look to Britain as a world power to support them in their decision. England will acknowledge the independence of the Arab countries, England to approve the proclamation of an Arab Khalifate of Islam. England shall have the preference in all economic enterprises in the Arab countries whenever conditions of enterprises are otherwise equal Both high contracting parties will offer mutual assistance, to the best ability of their military and naval forces, to face any foreign Power which may attack either party If one of the parties enters into an aggressive
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