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Hegemonic Stability Theory - David Lake

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Political Science
POLI 354
Mark Brawley

INTRODUCTION 1 This article discusses Between 1887 and 1934 the United Sates evolved from a highly protectionist into an internationally liberal country Rather than offering the domestic explanations for this change Lake talks about this as a result of the changes in the international economic structure and position of the United States within it2 Explanations for the change of the American foreign policyTrade Agreements Act of 1934 a Bureaucratic The change was seen as a result of the struggle between the Democratic and Republican parties to break the political balance of the erab Indivdual LevelIt was seen as a result of the personal beliefs of Secretary of State Cordell Hullc System Levelthe theory of hegemonic stability is seen as the explnantion of international economic regime change3 Hegemonic Stabilitya The central propositions of this theory form the basis for a powerful and parsimonious explanation of foreign economic policy and policy change in individual countries over time THE THEORY OF HEGEMONIC STABILITY1 Charles PKindleberger a Assumes that small disruptions like the sto
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