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David Lake - International Economic Studctues and American Economic Policy 1887 - 1934

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Political Science
POLI 354
Mark Brawley

Lake David International economic structures and American foreign economic policy 18871934 Preposition American foreign economic policys main source is the international political economyIn this paper Lake will examine sources of American foreign economic policy btw 1887 and 1934First evaluate Theory of hegemonic stability which has emerged as a systemiclevel explanation of international economic regime change Theory of Hegemonic stability Theory It has 2 variables provision of collective good and nature of leadership 1 Provision of collective good in international stability a Instability defined as small disruptions ex Great depression b Types of actors in Economic system i Small states free ridersii Middle sized countriesbig enough to damage the system but not enough to stabilize it iii Large states has the capability and responsibility for leading the international economy2 Nature of leadershipinterestbased leadership strongadvanced reap a disproportionate share of benefits Amendment to theTheory of Hegemonic Stability Suppor
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