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Cobden Cheliver Treaty Summary

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POLI 354
Mark Brawley

Pax Britannica and Rise of Free Trade Cobden Chevalier Free Trade between France and BritainFrance Britain Napoleon III wanted closer commercial ties Effort towards free trade with BritainIndirectRepeal of the Corn LawDirectRichard Cobdens visit to France in France wanted Britain as a political ally and 1860 was willing to offer trade concessions in returnLower tariffs on British manufactures Britain kept small tariffs on wine and spirits in exchange for French reduction on many of its tariffsFrench wanted cheap access to British coal removing any limits and prohibiting export duties Individual LevelRealists Close connections between CobdenPoint to the role of the british power in British Negotiator and Michael achieving the results desiredChevalier This was not viewed purely on coerciveNapoleon III support for the trade termsTend not to focus on the domestic treatychanges in BritianIdiosyncratic personalitiesFocus on the importance of theWalewski foreign ministerwas NApolenic Warswhich ended in 1815 replaced by baroche because he was a with Britain emerging as the dominant supporter of
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