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Hiscox : The Magic Bullet ? The RTAA , Insituional Reform and Trade Liberalization

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Political Science
POLI 354
Mark Brawley

HISCOX THE MARGIC BULLET THE RTAA INSTITUTIONAL REFORM AND TRADE LIBERALIZATIONRTAA Reciprocal Trade Agreements of 1934 fundamentally altered the nature of the policymaking process and drastically changed the future course of US trade relations Intro the RTAA and the death of US Tariff protectionism2 maj bullets in shifting trade policy in a more liberal direction 1 Members of Congress recognized that the existing rules produced suboptimal results bc of logrolling and chose to delegate authority to the executive branch to ensure more efficient policies 2 Leaders of the Democratic party hoping to make trade liberalization more lasting chose to base it on reciprocal concessions that would solidify support from export interests1 Analysis of the first bullet RTAA as a solution to logrollingMembers of Congress recognizing that logrolling in the passage of tariff legislation produced highly protectionist outcomes in which all were left worse off Logrolling Each member of the legislature will propose generous protective measures for industries in his or her own district To gain support for these measures each member will vote in favour of similar measures proposed by other legislators A universal logroll is supported as an equilibrium by each legislators belief that a vote against anothers proposal would induce others to retaliate by offering that a vote against anothers proposal would induce others to retaliate by offering an amendment to withdraw p
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