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"To Save the World from Hell" (Samantha Power)

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Political Science
POLI 360
Julie Norman

UN has failed to banish war but remains indispensable to the worlds peace US ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr UN would not bring us to heaven but might save us from hell Pres Harry Truman America can no longer sit smugly behind a mental Maginot line imperfections manifest from its creationobvious contradictions necessary because greedy states could not be trusted to avoid war respect HR or care for other states sufferingBUT new UN would rely upon those selfish states to enforce its principlescharter proclaimed selfdeterminationdecolonisation BUT steered by many states that retained colonies equal voice to dictatorships and democracies BUT charter took sides in asking for respect of HR and fundamental freedomsdepends on authoritative leadershipBUT power in the hands of the UNSC specifically the P5secretary general was the face of the organisation BUT only chief administrative officer a servant of the states premised on the idea that the gravest threat to mankind was crossborder aggression main cause of WWIIBUT history would prove the greatest threat to be states abusing citizens within their bordersterrorists disregarding borders Annus Horribilis 2004 Annus Horribilis according to Kofi Annanstarted in 2003 with USUK ignoring the UNSC and warring with Iraq Iraq Warbriefly looked like maybe victoryrest of Europe consolidated with US through UN UNSC resolution recognizing US occupation Annan sends UN political mission to Iraq to speed transfer of power to Iraqis weak move by Annan caving to US accusation of UN irrelevance oxymoronic mandate to assist and dismantle an occupationsent UNs best diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mellokilled with 21 others in suicide bombing other scandals in 2004UN peacekeepers found to have committed sexual offences against young girls in Congo and LiberiaUN officials staffing the 65B oilforfood program for Iraq in 1990s were accepting bribesUN Commission on HR reelected Sudan despite their campaign of ethnic slaughter US made John Bolton its new ambassador in 2005he did not recognise the existence of international law or the importance of the UN New DesperationUN jobs notoriously difficult to acquire but impossible to losedesperate for reformsome of Annans inner officials forced outAnnan recommended disbanding easy entry and embarrassing Commission on Human Rightsinstead establish smaller council of states Germany Japan Brazil and India formed a bloc to win permanent seats in expanded UNSCUS house majority leader Tom DeLay wants to use reform to diminish the autonomy of the UNUS Henry HydeHouse passed a bill to wi
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