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POLI 362 - Responsibility to Protect

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 362
Catherine Lu

Basic Principles 1) State sovereignty implies responsibility; primary R2P lies with the state itself 2) When a population suffers serious harm and the state is “unwilling or unable to halt or avert it,” R2P reverts to the international realm Foundations 1) Obligations inherent in the concept of sovereignty 2) Responsibility of SC to maintain international peace and security 3) International and domestic legal obligations for human rights Elements 1) Responsibility to prevent: address root and direct causes of conflict 2) Responsibility to react: respond to situations with appropriate measures, military in extreme cases 3) Responsibility to rebuild: provide, particularly after military intervention, “full assistance with recovery, reconstruction and reconciliation, addressing the causes of the harm the intervention was designed to halt or avert' Priorities 1) Prevention options should always be exhausted before intervention contemplated 2) Always consider less intrusive m
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