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POLI 364 - Marx's Political Indifferentism, Speech at People's Daily, and on the Paris Commune

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Political Science
POLI 364
William Clare Roberts

Political IndifferentismProletariat must not engage in political action for that is to recognize the validity of the system that Marxism seeks to overthrowtherefore one cannot accept concessions such as limitation of the working dayall or nothing mentality it is better that working men should not be able to read or write or do sums than that they should receive education from a teacher in a school run by the statepolitical struggle must not assume violent formsthe working class must behave itself in a respectable manner like a flock of wellfed sheep it must leave the government in peace fear the police respect the law and offer itself up uncomplaining as cannonfodderSpeech at Anniversary of the Peoples Paper1848 was only the beginning for Marx revolution seemed to be close at handmodernization and industrialization have paradoxically served to both enhance and detract from human wellbeingThe Paris CommuneWhat challenges are faced by the revolutionary Proletariat in attempting to seize the power of the statewith the changes to
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