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POLI 364 - Engels: Program of the Blanquist Fugitives
POLI 364 - Engels: Program of the Blanquist Fugitives

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 364
William Clare Roberts

Consequences of a failed revolutionfugitives who escaped criticize and accuse each otheryet they remain in close tough with home country to attempt to start afreshBlanquistsLocated in London withdrew from the International and formed The Revolutionary Commune Follower of BlanquiDescribed by Engels as socialist only through sentiment through his sympathy with the sufferings of the people however he does not have a socialist theory nor practical suggestions In describing him as believing in action of a small and wellorganized minority prone to opportunism he seems to be criticizing a protoLenin nestce pasEngels goes on to criticize the vanguardist structure of the Blanquists by stating that their form of revolution is no different from previous revolutions that resulted in dictatorships by a group of elites rather than dictatorship of the proletariat Believes that the Blanquists in thirsting for immediate revenge of the commune is too hasty and is producing greater harm than good by not allowing a proper amount of time for the Proletariat to gather strength Interesting notion on re
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