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Chapter 3

POLI 364 - Lenin: The State and Revolution, Ch. 3

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Political Science
POLI 364
William Clare Roberts

1What Made The Communards Attempt HeroicDespite Paris Commune not achieving its aims Marx hailed it as an event of great importance with value as a practical step towards the ideal Commune prompted Marx and Engels to make a revision to the Manifesto namely that the working class cannot simply lay hold of the readymade state machinery and wield it for its own purposes Lenin believes that this statement has been distorted by the opportunists to feign support for gradualism when in reality Marx was trying to say that the working class must break up and smash the state machinery and not confine itself to merely seizing it Marx had excluded Britain from this necessity because Britain did not have a dominant militarist clique nor significant bureaucracy However Lenin believes that by WWI Britain and US have changed significantly to warrant a need to smash their respective state machineries as well in the event of revolution Believes that the peasantry an the proletariat are united by the fact that the bureaucraticmilitary state machine oppresses both Therefore smashing the machine becomes a precondition for a revolution driven by these two groups which only united can form a majority
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