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Chapter 5

POLI 364 - Mao Zedong: On Guerrilla Warfare, Ch. 5

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Political Science
POLI 364
William Clare Roberts

Ch 5Organization For Guerrilla WarfareFour points to be consideredA How Guerrilla Units Are FormedPossibilities From the masses of the peopleOrdinary citizens taking up arms against foreign enemy If aided by local government then they cannot fail if not aided then citizen leadership may draw upon common antagonisms or shared ideology for solidarity Leadership in these units usually fall upon those without fixed professions students teachers artisans The more units formed the greater the situation will beNo difference between the farmer and the soldier one simply needs courageThe fountainhead of guerrilla warfare is in the masses of the peopleFrom army units temporarily detailedEssential for two reasons1Mobile warfare calls for need to combine guerrilla and traditional tactics2Regular army men can often times be the only people able to carry on guerrilla operationsHowever regular soldiers cannot endure guerrilla war forever Therefore leaders must study the lessons learned from army guerrilla units well so that they may lend full support to the guerrilla units of the people who will have greater longevity and endurance From permanent army unitsThese units would not have to be prepared to rejoin regular forces Would be posted in the rear of the enemy and can become the backbone of guerrilla organization They can be used to sever enemy supply routes If ever a withdrawal is necessary one should leave behind such a unit to conduct guerrilla operations from the rearCombination of army and the peopleCould be trained soldiers coming to reinforce a local guerrilla unit under the command of the guerrilla leader or it could be a group experienced in military
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