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Chapter 6

POLI 364 - Mao Zedong: On Guerrilla Warfare, Ch. 6

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Political Science
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POLI 364
William Clare Roberts

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Chapter 6Political Problems of Guerrilla WarfareGuerrilla troops must have a precise conception of the political goal of their struggle Both organization and discipline must be at a high level so their political activities can be carried out It is through indoctrinated leaders that the forces themselves come to accept ideologies The ideology must not only be present in ones identity as a member of the guerrilla group but present in ones identity of oneself In a protracted guerrilla conflict those who are ideologically weak will not endure Ideologies must be clearly conveyed to the inhabitants of guerrilla zones Military action is a method used to attain a political goal Three forms of political activity1Activities applied to the troops how to achieve spiritual unification of officers and their men2Activities applied to the people of the army and the people3Activities applied to the enemy how to achieve the destruction of the unity of the enemyThe basis of guerrilla discipline must
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