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POLI 364 - Tronti: Struggle Against Labour & Class and Party

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Political Science
POLI 364
William Clare Roberts

Mario Tronti Struggle Against LaborThe struggle against wage labor is the only possible means of striking real blows against capital The party must be the organization of what already exists within the class Workers nowadays are so disillusioned with labour that they have no time for the dignity of labor no pride The working class must recognize itself as political power deny itself as a productive force confront its own labor as capital as a hostile force as an enemy Alienation is too deeply embedded within the working class instead of combating it as traditional Marxists advocate the party must organize around alienation and use it to attack capital in the form of active and collective refusal Mass passivity follows the political defeat of the proletariat and the expansion of capitalism It is the most potent barrierthe controlling factor governing any future revolutionary possibilities This passivity is not the renunciation of the struggle against capital rather it is a refusal to develop and stabilize capital bey
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