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POLI 364 - Voltairine de Cleyre: Direct Action

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 364
William Clare Roberts

Direct ActionThe term direct action has been misunderstood by much of society Every person who ever thought he had a right to assert and went boldly and asserted it himself or jointly with others that shared his convictions was a direct actionist ex Workers rights movementEvery person who ever had a plan to do anything and went and did it or who laid his plan before others and won their cooperation to do it with him without going to external authorities to please do the thing for them was a direct actionist ex cooperativesEvery person who ever in his life had a difference with anyone to settle and went straight to the other persons involved to settle it either by a peaceable plan or otherwise was a direct actionist ex BoycottsThey are not reasoned methodologiestactics but rather the spontaneous retorts of those who feel oppressed by a situation Direct action is opposed to poli
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