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Political Science
POLI 365
Jason Scott Ferrell

Kymlicka - Two Models of Pluralism and Tolerance - Advances second form of pluralism, distinct from Rawlsian commitment to individual rights, based on multiethnic Ottoman Empire - Defends Rawlsian model; both ensures intra-group tolerance, but only liberalism protects individual dissent within groups - Lesson of second model for first: liberalism should not be defended on purely political rather than comprehensive grounds (which is what Rawls argued) Most liberals would object to the Ottoman millet system because it doesn’t allow people to revise or question their religious commitments. That is, it doesn’t allow for individual autonomy. Rawls wants to propose a political liberalism that is distinct from the comprehensive liberalism of, say, Mill. Thus, “as citizens, we continue to see ourselves as having a ‘highest-order interest’ in our capacity for autonomy, even though as private individuals we may not see ourselves as having or valuing that capacity.” However, Kymlicka points out that accepting liberalism in a political context “inevitably enables its exercise more genera
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