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POLI 422 - Blecher: Imperial China and its Demise

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Political Science
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POLI 422
Juan Wang

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Structure of GentryDominated Social Formation Political economic and social power was concentrated in the intelligentsia state bureaucrats and landowners which together made up the gentryLandlords enjoyed economic power due to the wealth they accumulated by renting to peasant tenants as well as through their control of rural credit This in turn allowed them to command grassroots politics However they also needed support from the state with its powers of coercion to maintain the exploitative tenancy system Therefore landowners sought to put members of their family in the state bureaucracy Bureaucrats were recruited through the examination system Due to the monetary costs associated with preparing for the exams entry into the state bureaucracy was effectively barred for the peasant classIntelligentsia earned their livelihood serving as tutors to the children of bureaucrats Therefore the three groups which constituted the gentry were bound in a complex nexus of interdependency and all stood to benefit from ma
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