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POLI 422 - Blecher: Failure of the Chinese Republic

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Political Science
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POLI 422
Juan Wang

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Failure of the Chinese Republic1911 Revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty was less a coordinated movement than a snowballing series of regional revolts Eventually Sun Yatsen was inaugurated as the first President on January 1 1912Gentry whose support was partiality in its locality could survive the collapse of the state at least for a time Some even stood to gain due to them being free of regulation and taxation Therefore they played an active role in the 1911 Revolution ensuring that the resulting government would have a strong conservative characterIn contrast the bourgeoisie could not bring the Qing down by itself and needed the assistance and cooperation of the gentry Therefore the accommodation of both a dying class of landed elites and a sickly new bourgeoisie resulted in sustained and contradictory political crises This had two tendencies anarchic warlordism and fascist authoritarianismmilitarism In addition the workers and the peasantry the largest segment of the Chinese population were not represented in the postrevolutionary government at all and received no assistance from themAs a result the decades following the revolution was characterized by de facto anarchy at the national level Sun attempted to remedy this by establishing the Guominda
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