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POLI 422 - Blecher: The Great Leap Forward

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Political Science
POLI 422
Juan Wang

Great Leap ForwardBy 1957 the basic transformations of Chinese economic and social structures and institutions were complete and without economic crises and foreign interventionHowever structural issues remained Underemployment and low labour productivity stemmed from the lack of modern technologies in agriculture as well as from Chinas massive population Highlevel equilibrium trapbecause Chinese agriculture had been so successful there was no need for innovation in technologies nor techniques For industries the capitalintensive strategy of the first Five Year Plan to be continued under the second required huge investments Yet agricultural growth was not nearly proportional to industrial growth in fact agricultural growth in the absence of technology had plateaued meaning that the capital necessary for industrial growth was becoming increasingly more difficult to extract from the countryside The capitalintensive strategy would also not address unemployment on the rise due to migration from the countrysideAgainst this context relations with the Soviets were also deteriorating as Khrushchev was seen as unpredictable due to his denunciation of Stalin and potentially dange
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