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POLI 422 - Baum: Deng Takes Command

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Political Science
POLI 422
Juan Wang

Deng Xiaopings return to power was formally ratified by the Eleventh National Congress in August 1977 The Cultural Revolution was formally declared to have ended and the Politburos Standing Committee how has two whateverists two survivors and DengThe Eleventh Party CongressA new party constitution bowed deeply in Maoist tradition not straying far from orthodoxy Hua also attempted to pacify Deng exonerating and praising him Yet by the end of 1977 several highlevel personnel changes moved Dengists closer to wrestling power away from the whateverists under Hua Guofeng The first clear signs of struggle between Hua and Deng appeared at the end of the yearHua Guofeng InterregnumHua attempted to consolidate his power through two approaches a Maoist attempt to built a cult of personality thereby inventing a new image for himself and to coopt Zhou Enlais strategy of four modernizations as his own resulting in Huas 10year plan for economic development Hua Revamps The Four ModernizationsModernization in agriculture industry national defence and science and technology Hua also borrowed a number of ideas advanced by Deng while putting an orthodox ideological spin The result was inherently inconsistent Hua abandoned Maoist conventions of selfreliance egalitarianism and reliance on nonmaterial incentives Instead he advocated for reform foreign tech decentralization of the economy managerial responsibility household sidelines in agriculture rural free markets and the law of value prices and profits Hua also encouraged an opening wide in respect to Chinas intellectuals attempting to foster an environment of spirited discussion Some credit the renaissance of Chinese social sciences to this policyHowever Huas reforms were offset by calls for continued observance of traditional Maoist behavioural and political constraints Yet Huas tenyearplan did represent a clear break with the values and ethos of the Cultural RevolutionRevising the State ConstitutionTwo aims1Restore Institutional authority after the anarchy of the Gang of Four
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