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POLI 422 - Gries: A China Threat; Power and Passion in Chin..
POLI 422 - Gries: A China Threat; Power and Passion in Chinese Face Nationalism.doc

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POLI 422
Juan Wang

Gries – A “China Threat”? Power and Passion in Chinese “Face Nationalism.” Do Chinese nationalists seek to impose a Sino-centric Asian order to challenge the West? “Nationalism is about the identity of nations, and identity does not develop in isolation. Chinese nationalism will evolve in dynamic relationship with the West.” This means that Western policy towards China may have a “self-fulfilling prophecy” effect, insofar as tactics which support or reinforce the view of strident Chinese nationalists will only result in the outcomes that the West seeks to avoid. “We may well push Chinese nationalism in a malevolent direction.” “If Chinese popular opinion perceives China's leaders to be successfully maintaining China's 'national face' on the world stage, however, I believe that most Chinese will seek to further integrate China into the existing world order.” This means that China “must be allowed to play leading roles in the current state system and be presented positively in the Western media.” Gries argues for the concept of “face nationalism” as an alternative to Chinese nationalism. Face nationalism is more culturally specific. It “captures both the emotional and instrumental motivations of China's nationalists.” Optimists and Pessimists China watchers have been argued to belong to one of these two camps. Optimists – Chinese elites put priority on joining the world system Pessimists – traditional Chinese tribute system -> China seeks old Asian hegemony Most academic observers are optimists: Confucian universalism (all peoples can become Chinese through accepting their civilization) mitigates parochial Chinese nationalism. However, Gries points out that Confucianism can very quickly become nationalistic if others do not
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