POLI 222 Chapter Notes -Canadian Nationalism, Continentalism, Industrialisation

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Published on 21 Apr 2013
McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
ER 66: Lament for a Nation (George Grant)
impossibility of conservatism = impossibility of Canada
tried to build conservative nation in the age of progress
constitutional arrangement 1791
possible b/c of widespread determination not to become part of the great
Fr. + Br. realized they could only be preserved outside the US
both would grant the state wider rights to control the individual
than was recognized in the libertarian ideas of the US
conservatism of the Eng. speaking ppl in Atlantic colonies (Upper
conservatism based on flow of trade, destined to change when the flow
merchants don't care about Canada
only in dominant nations is the loyalty of capitalists ensured
interests tied to the strength and vigour of the empire
Br. conservatism is less a clear view of existence than an appeal to an
ill-defined past
wanted to build a society with a greater sense or order and restraint than
freedom-loving republicanism would allow
inherited determination not to be Americans allowed these Br. ppl to
come to an agreement wit the French
Anglicans and Presbytarians (the English Canadians)
emancipation of the passions, in US liberalism, is alien to
ethic of self-restraint looks upon utopian movements with
suspicion, b/c they stem from ethic of freedom
conservative nationalism expressed itself in the use of public control in
the pol. and eco. spheres
use more central gov't
relation to the font of constitutional gov't in the British Crown
hang on to the Queen to preserve those parts of our life that
distinguish us from the US
AND YET Br. tradition did not provide any radically diff. approach to the
questions of industrial civilization
Toronto is like Chicago; Vancouver is like Seattle
it was not conceivable that industrial society would be organized along
essentially diff. principles from those to the south
socialism is weakening force in CA since 1945
now we see the rise of bureaucratic state capitalism
indigenous cultures dying everywhere; Fr. Canadian nationalism is a last-ditch
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