POLI 222 Chapter Notes -Gay Liberation, Constitutional Reform In The Philippines, System On A Chip

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Published on 22 Apr 2013
McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
ER 39: Lesbian and Gay Rights in Canada: Social Movements and Equality-
Seeking (Miriam Smith)
From Gay Liberation to Rights Talk
differences b/w types of equality-seeking strategies before and after the
equality-seeking as part of sexual freedom vision
undermine traditional sex, gender and family roles
erase stigma
eliminate sexual orientation
vision of pol. and soc. change
most lesbians chose to participate in women's movement over the male-
dominated gay liberation movement
gays and lesbians functioned separately from each other
deconstruct and subvert the realm of sexuality
politicization of sexual identity
create awareness and self-consciousness
they want to get rid of categories, yet gay liberation movement is based on
politicization of lesbian and gay identity (Catch-22)
need legal and pol. change through mass movement of lesbians and gays
reinforce the rights they want secured in law
build a lesbian/gay identity, a constituency
demonstrate gap b/w liberal democrat values and daily realities of their group's
equality-seeking seen as "civil rights strategy"
the meaning frame of rights talk post-Charter seeks legal change as the goal,
rather than building a community/network
only form of politics is the definition of law
Political Opportunity and Meaning Frames
change in pol. opp. structure of CA pol. inst. after Charter
change their mobilizing structures and strategies
new group: Same Sex Benefits Committee
1970s-present gay rights network decentralized and fragmented
have failed to move their resources to organize as a movement
shift from the deployment of rights as political resources to the pursuit of legal
change as the overall goal
from gay liberation to rights talk
but the new strategies undermine the possibilities of developing the
mobilizing structures of the movement
the specific interpretative framework that emerged 80s, 90s would not have
developed without the Charter
the Charter created new paths for social movements that shape the discourse,
values, and self-understanding of movement actors
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