POLI 338 Chapter Notes -Foreign Policy Initiative, Maoism, Collectivization In The Soviet Union

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26 Jan 2013

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Edmonds – The Environment in the People's Republic of China 50
Years On
must remember doubling of China's population over past half century
also China's rapid economic growth
greater environmental awareness and increased openness
realization that environment can be tool of international diplomacy
increasing importance of environmental protection
overall, China still has not done enough to maintain environmental
at time of this article, lacking 'green' transport
The Early Years
1950s: focused on reconstruction and economic growth
view of the times: humans should exploit resources and can conquer
nature if armed with Mao Zedong thought
also marked first nature reserve and conservation laws
exploitation accelerated during Great Leap Forward; similarly under
Cultural Revolution
Birth of Environmental Consciousness
first concerns came through international contact, after PRC sent
delegation to first UN Conference on the Human Environment
created national environmental protection organ in 1973
success in integrated pest management and biogas in 1970s, though
largely for economic rather than ecological reasons
saw slide when decollectivization incentivized unsustainable
Environmental Protection Law in 1979; 'harmonious development'
(xietiao fazhan)
implementation fell short
strengthened energy on environmentalism front, but always held back
by priority for economic growth
Resource Shortages Versus Pollution
Resource degradation
Most threatening environmental problem is reduction in natural resources.
shrinking of cropland, though slower levels
water shortages, particularly in north China
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