POLI 364 - Les Amis de Quatre Millions de Jeunes Travailleurs: A World Without Money

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Les Amis – A World Without Money
Communism is “a movement produced by the development and very success of the
capitalist mode of production which will end by overthrowing it and giving birth to a
new kind of society.”
Human activity will never again take the form of wage labour... the products of
such activity will no longer be objects of commerce.”
Commodity exchange is a link and a progress... It will disappear without there
being a return to barter, that primitive form of exchange.”
“The logic of sharing will replace the logic of exchange.”
“Today it is more difficult to envisage a world freed from the state and commodities
because these have become omnipresent. But having become omnipresent, they
have lost their historical necessity.”
The End of Property
Property does not originate in nature. It is the product of a society where reign
relationships of power, violence and the appropriation of the labour of others.”
Communism “is not a question of transferring property titles but of the simple
disappearance of property.”
This doesn't mean that anyone can just come to take the clothes off my back; “it is
simply that it will not be the right of property that will be invoked as a protection,
but directly the interest of the person concerned.”
From Scarcity to Abundance
Scarcity will disappear.
“We will be able to make abundance appear because it is already here under our
feet. It is not a question of creating it but simply of liberating it.”
“It is not that communism is suddenly going to produce abundance but that
capitalism artificially maintains scarcity.”
In communism, “the frantic and neurotic desire to consume and hoard will
disappear. It will be absurd to want to accumulate things.”
Gradually the sentiment of property will disappear and will appear retrospectively
as somewhat odd and mean. Why cling to an object or a person when the whole
world is yours?”
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