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PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

Module 1 Lesson 3 Notes Lifestyle, Stress and Health Lifestyle, Stress, and Health - the behavioural choices and lifestyles individuals lead can have profound effects on their quality of life and those around them - Cultural Evolution: Lifestyle Choices and Consequences  many risky choices are reinforced through their negative consequences in the future and immediate benefits (ex. fast food, smoking etc.) Healthy and Unhealthy Lifestyles - nutrition  unhealthy diet choices have been linked to a wide variety of illnesses  differences between those who practice a particular health behaviour and those who do not are often based on 1) the degree to which person believes in a particular health threat, 2) whether they hold the belief that a particular health practice will reduce the threat  the perception of a personal health threat can be influences by a person’s general health value, their specific beliefs about vulnerability to a certain disorder, or beliefs about the consequences of the disorder  Health Belief Model illustrates how these beliefs can affect our behaviour Health Belief Model Belief in health threat - General health values (I am concerned about my health) - Specific beliefs about vulnerability (As a smoker, I could get lung cancer) - Beliefs about severity of the disorder Health behaviour (I would die if I developed lung cancer) (I will stop smoking) Belief that specific health behaviour can reduce threat - Belief that specific measures can be effective against specific threat (If I stop smoking now, I will not develop lung cancer) - Belief that benefits of health measure exceed costs (Even though it will be hard to sop smoking, it is worth it to avoid the risk of lung cancer)  newer model of the Health Belief Model is called the Theory of Planned Behaviour, stating there are three factors (attitudes, norms, perceived behaviour control) that influence our intentions to engage in particular behaviours and then those intentions subsequently influence our actual behaviours. For ex. one may have a positive attitude behaviour towards eating healthy, subjective norms represent our beliefs about what others think we should do, perceived behaviour control refers to our confidence that we can achieve the desired behaviour Theory of Planned Behaviour Attitudes Subjective Behavioural Behaviour Norms Intention Perceived Behavioural Control - Physical Fitness  linked to living longer and improved health - Cigarette Smoking - Drinking Alcoholic Beverages - STIs and AIDS Unhealthy Lifestyles are Preventable: Self- Control - researchers have found that when found exhibiting self-control in one area, we’re less able to exhibit self-control in other areas - other research has shown by engaging in regular practice of self-control, we can strengthen out ability to engage in later self-control Stress and Health - our physical responses to stress have evolved as an adaptation that helped ancestors fight or flee enemies, to now, our ability to engage in sophisticated thinking - this adaptation has led our bodies to react in much the same way when we are stressed about an upcoming exam as it were if we were preparing to run away from a wild animal - this physiological reaction is hard on our bodies and we are now subjecting ourselves to such wear and tear on a regular basis from our bodies natural stress responses - according to the general adaptation syndrome (GAS) we go through 3 stages when exposed to severe stressors: alarm, resistance and exhaustion. This can lead to breakdowns, high blood pressure, low immune functioning etc. - Cognitive Appraisal and Stress  the degree we allow a psychological stressor to affect us depends on how we perceive or cognitively appraise that stressor  feeling in control of our environments helps conditions as well as confidence that we can perform necessary
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