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Chapter 6

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PSYC 211
Yogita Chudasama

PSYC211 Chapter 6 Notes Definitions: Sensory Receptors: Specialized neurons that detect a variety of physical events Sensory Transduction: The process by which sensory stimuli are transduced into slow, graded receptor potentials (transduced into changes in the cells’ membrane potential) Receptor Potentials: A slow, graded electrical potential produced by a receptor cell in response to a physical stimuli Hue: The dominant wavelength Brightness: Intensity – greater intensity = greater brightness Saturation: purity – if the radiation is of one wavelength, the perceived colour is pure, or fully saturated. If it contains all wavelengths, it appears white Orbits: The bony part of the skull that the eyes are suspended in Sclera: Six muscles attached to the tough, outer coat of the eye that hold the eyes in place the white part of the eye that doesn’t let light in Conjunctiva: Mucous membranes that line the eyelid and fold back to attach to the eye – prevent contact lenses from ‘falling behind the eye’ Vergence movement: Cooperative movements that keep both eyes fixed on the same target or that keep the image of the target object on corresponding parts of the two retinas Saccadic movement: The rapid, jerky movement of the eyes used in scanning a visual scene Pursuit movement: The movement that the eyes make to maintain an image of a moving object on the fovea Vision: • The brain’s two main functions: • Controls the movement of the muscles, producing useful behaviours • Regulates the body’s internal environment • Sensory receptors are neurons • Receptors for neurotransmitters are specialized proteins that bind with certain molecules • Lack axons; a part
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