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PSYC 211
Yogita Chaudasama

Summery of PSYC Chapter 1 1272013 123200 PM IntroductionEarly in time people believe that they posse mind soul spiritthe MindBody question what role does the mind play Does it control the nervous system Is it a part of the nervous system It is physical and tangible like the rest of the body or it is a spirit that will always remain hiddenDualism belief in the dual nature of reality Mind and body are separate the body is made of ordinary matter but the mind is notMonism belief that everything in the universe consists of matter and energy and that mind is a phenomenon produced by the workings of the nervous system mind is a byproduct of our nervous systemOur sense organ and our lab instruments are manifestation of the physical world matter and energyBlindsight it is a phenomena that is seen after partial damage to the mammalian visual system on one side of the braindefinition several phenomena involving the human brain provide insight into the nature of consciousness One of these phenomena cause by damage to a particular part of the brain is known as bindsightif damaged cannot perceive the world into consciousthe human brain contain 2 mechanism of vision the case is that the patient is blind but he can still reaching things by using his the primitive visual systemmammalian system we can perceive the world around usPrimitive visual system involve in frogs and fish Mainly fct is to control eye movements and bringing our attention to sudden movement that occur out of our visual systemvisual information can control behavior without producing a conscious sensation The phenomena of blindsight tells that consciousness is not a general property of all part of brain Only the mammalian visual system in the human brain has direct connections with the parts of the parts of the brain responsible for consciousnessSplit brainparts of the brain involved in verbal behavior is responsible for consciousnessthe left hemisphere control speech Cut the corpus callosum in epileptic seizure will result in patient can understand conversation but he cannot talk EX The left brain process smell info If we cut the corpus callosum and we take a rose to the right nose the person will not smell the odor since the 2 hemispheres are disconnected If we ask the patient to take the object corresponding to the odor by using the left hand it is ok But patient fail to do so with right hand because the right hemisphere do not distinguish odorwe become conscious only if the info enter the part of the brain responsible for verbal communication on the left hemisphereUnilateral Neglectdue to the damage to the cortex of the parietal lobethe parietal lobe receive info from skin muscle joint internal organ part of inner ear and visualauditory infoconcern with body position and balanceput movement of body parts together regarding the demand of the environmentperceive the world and act with bodyThe nature of behavioral neurosciencebehavioral neuroscience was formerly known as physiological psychologyThe goal of researchscientific explanation takes two forms generalization and reduction All scientist deal with generalizationgeneralization the classification of phenomena according to their essential features so that general laws can be formulatedtradition method of psychologyreduction the description of phenomena in terms of more basic physical processesphysiological eventsthe task of the behavioral neuroscientist is to explain behavior by studying the physiological processes that control it They cannot use reduction because same behavior can be induced by different physiological processes
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