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(Aldolphs) Social Cognition and the Human Brain

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PSYC 213
Jelena Ristic

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SOCIAL COGNITION AND THE HUMAN BRAIN R ADOLPHS neural underpinnings of social cognition and behavior are not well understood amygdala ventromedial frontal cortices right somatosensoryrelated cortex o key structures identified in guiding social behaviors human and other primate studieso appear to mediate between perceptual representations of socially relevant stimuli eg sight of conspecificsretrieval of knowledge or elicitation of behaviors which can be triggered by the stimuluscurrent debates o how much does social cognition rely on processing specialized for social information o what are the relative contributions made to social cognition by innate and acquired knowledge social cognitionprocesses that subserve behavior in response to conspecifics other individuals of the same species o evolved from a complex and dynamic interplay between two opposing factorsgroup advantagessecurity from predators better mate choice more reliable foodgroup disadvantagesgroup resources are available to ingroup competitorsevolutionary approach to social cognition predicts mechanisms for ocooperation altruism prosocial behaviortypical of small groups ex mother and infant o coercion deception and manipulation typical of large groups ex complex dominance hierarchies machiavellian intelligence hypothesis or social brain hypothesissuggest the complexity of primate social structure led to an advantage for larger brains o hypothesisan environment with a premium on social skills caused humans to evolve exceptional cognitive skillsevidence from primatesmean group sizeto the ratio of neocortex volume total brain volumeevidence from other mammals with complex social structureslarger group sizelarger brainbody ratio
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