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Textbook Notes for Adam Etinson

MCGILLPSYC 215Adam EtinsonWinter

PSYC 215 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-12: Confirmation Bias, Attribution Bias, Leon Festinger

OC48741011 Page
15 Sep 2016
Self-schemas represent people"s beliefs and feelings about themselves. Where does your sense of self come from: looks at social situations, which shape
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MCGILLPSYC 215Adam EtinsonFall

PSYC 215 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5-6: Aversive Racism, Physical Attractiveness, Implicit-Association Test

OC263295425 Page
25 Feb 2019
The nature of the problem: persistence and change. Stereotypes as beliefs or associations that link whole groups of people with certain traits or chara
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MCGILLPSYC 215Adam EtinsonWinter

PSYC 215 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Stanford Prison Experiment, Parental Investment, Construals

OC4874103 Page
15 Sep 2016
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MCGILLPSYC 215Adam EtinsonSummer

PSYC 215 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4: Gordon Allport, Embodied Cognition, Cognitive Psychology

OC251737711 Page
8 May 2019
Gordon allport created the society for the psychological study of social issues. Lewin helped establish that behavior is a function of the interaction
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