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Chapter 7

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John Lydon

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Social Psychology Chapter 7 Summary Attitudes, Behaviour and Rationalization - Sometimes there is little consistency between attitudes and behaviour - Attitudes influence behaviour and behaviour influences attitudes - Influence of attitudes on behaviour is relatively weaker than we’d suspect and influence of behaviour on attitude is relatively stronger than we’d expect The 3 Components of Attitudes - Attitude: valuation of an object in a positive or negative fashion including affect, cognition and behaviour - Affect: how much people like or dislike an object - Cognitions: thoughts reinforcing one’s feelings like knowledge or beliefs about the object - For ex: attitude about favourite city (is pos. for ex affect) but can be justified through cognitions like its friendly atmosphere or tiny cafes - Behaviours: actions that are usually consistent w/ attitude Measuring Attitudes - Likert Scale: a numerical scale used to assess people’s attitudes; it includes set of possible answers w/ labeled anchors on each extreme fails to distinguish strong and weak attitudes - Response latency: time it takes for an individual to respond to a stimulus such as an attitude
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