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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Social Psychology

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PSYC 215
John Lydon

Chapter 1Social PsychologyDefinition scientific study of the feelings thoughts and behaviours of individuals in social situationsStereotypingHelpingHatingEtc Explaining BehaviorDispositions Beliefs values personality traits or abilities real or imaginaryPeople assume these are the factors that determine a persons behaviourThis assumption leads toFundamental Attribution Error Failure to recognize the importance of situational influences on behaviour and the tendency to overemphasize the importance of dispositionstraits on behaviour o Stress o Pressure o Lateness o EtcEg 1 The Stanford University Experience o Simulated prison experience o 24 healthy and mentally stable undergraduate meno Two groups guards and prisoners o When given power the guards exploited it and turned to verbal abuse and physical humiliationEg 2 The Milgram Experiment o The effects or punishment on learning o Volunteers play the role of teacher and administer shocks on the learners o While being concerned the teachers went on with the experiment as they were told to do so o The teachers continued to administer the shocks despite the pleas and groans of the learner Channel factors
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