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Chapter 3

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PSYC 215
Michael Sullivan

The Social SelfABCs for the selfA affectB behaviourC cognitionThe SelfConceptcocktail party effect the tendency of people to pick a personally relevant stimulus out of a complex environmentselfconcept the sum total of an individuals beliefs about his or her own personal attributesselfschema a belief people hold about themselves that guides the processing of selfrelevant information schematic those who consider body image as an important aspect of the selfconceptaschematic those who do not regard their own weight as an important part of their livesElements of the SelfConceptIs the Self Specially Represented in the Brainour sense of identity is biologically rootedcertain areas become more active when participants see a picture of themselves rather than a picture of othersthe self is a frame of reference that powerfully influences our thoughts feelings and behavioursnot all aspects of the self is in one area of the brainDo NonHuman Animals Show SelfRecognitionother than humans chimpanzees gorillas and orangutans seem capable of selfrecognitionhuman infants being to recognize themselves in the mirror between the ages of 18 and 24 monthsthis recognition for both apes and humans is the 1st expression of the concept mesome other nonprimates can also recognize themselvesdolphinselephantswhalesWhat Makes the Self a Social Concept1st step in the evolution and development of a selfconcept the ability to see yourself2nd step social factorsother people serve as a mirror in which we see ourselves5 sources of where selfconcept comes fromintrospectionperceptions of our own behaviourthe influences of other people
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