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Chapter 11

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PSYC 328
Blaine Ditto

PSYC328 Chapter 11 NotesINTRODUCTION58 of Canadian pop has chronic conditions and 81 of communitydwelling senior populations have one accounts for 23 of nations health spendingCare for people with chronic illness accounts for 67 of all healthcare costs in Canada13 young adults aged 1844 have at least 1 chronic condition Chronic conditions more common among women low income Canadians seniors certain ethnic groups AboriginalsArthritis hypertension asthma diabetes heart disease higher among First Nations womenArthritis affects 4 million people 145000 new cases each yearDiabetes 17 million500000 people with effects of strokeThousands have had heart attack or chest pain5 million people hypertensionMore than 63 of deaths globally are due to chronic disease 36 million peopleCanada 10 billion cost for diabetes 18 billion cancer 20 billion arthritis 25 billion cardiovascular diseasehypertensionstrokeSelfManagement Refers to involvement of the patient in all aspects of a chronic illness and its implications including medical management changes in social and vocational roles and coping WHAT QUALITY OF LIFEPast Length of survival and signs of presence of disease onlySelfreports have found to predict morbidity and mortality beyond medical and psychological factorsPeople with chronic illness are more likely to have depressionanxietydistressDepressionpsychological distressneuroticismincreased mortality risk from chronic conditionsStress exacerbates symptoms and course of illnessQuality of life physical functioning psychological status social functioning and disease or treatmentrelated symptomatology how much diseasetreatment interferes with daily life Gauge extent to which normal life activities have been compromised by diseasetreatmentEvaluating Quality of LifeShort Form Health Survey SF36Summary DomainsHealth ConceptDescriptionPhysical Health OverallPhysical FunctioningLimitations in physical activities because of physical health problemsRole PhysicalLimitations in usual role activities because of physical health problemsBodily PainPain magnitude and interferenceGeneral HealthGeneral health perceptionsMental Health OverallVitalityEnergy and fatigueSocial FunctioningLimitations in social activities because of physical or emotional problemsRole SocialLimitations in usual role activities because of emotional problemsMental HealthPsychological distress and wellbeingCanadians scored higher than Americans on all 8 dimensions and somewhat higher than in UK Within Canada men had much higher quality of life scores across all 8 domainsDifferences in cultural environments may impact how people experience the same chronic health conditionWhy Study Quality of Life1Documentation provides important basis for interventions designed to improve QOL
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