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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Health Promotion

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PSYC 328
Agnes Baerbel Knaeuper

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Chapter 12Health PromotionThe World Health Organization WHO defines health promotion as the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health this definition isnt concreteHealth promotion strategies eg the quitsmoking campaign are often undertaken at a federal level of governmentUsually very large which makes it difficult to measure directlyChallenges inherent in attempting to chage attitudes and behavior on a large scale are dauntingHealth promotion at an international levelThe WHO Health Promotion Department uses political and sociological approaches oEg the Mega Country Network which attempts to affect health worldwide by involving the worlds most populous countries Includes 11 countries with populations of 100 million or moreAccounts for 60 of the worlds population Goals promotion of healthy diets and physical activity and the elimination of tobacco useTHE DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH PROMOTION IN CANADACanadian governments have been in the business of health promotion since 1700s The main task was regulatory in nature regulations regarding sanitation and rules of operation for hospitalsIn the early 1900s the focus was to educating the general public about the value of proper sanitationProvincial health promotion programs started in Ontario 1921 Manitoba 1929 Quebec 1943 and Newfoundland 1949 oEg encouraging people to take the stairs rather than the elevator when at workThe kickstart to promoting health came in 1974 from then Minister of Health and Welfare Marc Lalondes paper A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians Identified lifestyle as an important factor in health and wellbeing and an important target for health promotion and educationAimAchieving health for allHealth challengesReducing inequitiesIncreasing Enhancing copingpreventionHealth promotion SelfcareMutual aidHealthy mechanismsenvironmentsImplementationFostering publicStrengthening Coordinating
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