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Chapter 4

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PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

Chapter 4  Trait talk = generalization (talking and characterizing about people on a daily basis) o Could be true and useful, but do not apply to a person’s everyday instances  Trait attributions = relative, approximations o No single trait can characterize any person – too many different situations  Trait talk = a natural way to account for human individuality  Trait o Consistencies within a person (beaviour of a person) o Internal dispositions that are relatively stable over time and in different situations o Conceived in bipolar terms → high friendliness to low friendliness (unfriendliness) o Additivie and independent → traits combine as independent qualities of the person o Traits refer to broad individual differneces in socioemotional functioning  Generalized behavior patterns in response to emotions  4 positions of the nature of traits: o Allport → neuropsychic structures: exist in the CNS, patternings of neurophysiology (neurotransmitter release etc. ) o Behavioural dispotitions → mechanisms of human functioning o Buss and Craik→ act-frequency: traits are merely anguage categories for the organization of behavioural acts o Linguistic categories→ you use the terms simply to organize reality- they are just words and have no meaning beyond our shared social construction  The first and fourth positions contradict: o Cannot be neuropsychic structures that cause the behavior if they are at the same time, fictions of the mind of observers o Most contemporary psychoogistis view traits as dispositions (second position)  Have causal influence on haviours  And exist in interaction with situational factors  Traits are not simply descriptive summaries of act categories, but also
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