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Chapter 7

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Richard Koestner

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Chapter 7 275298Intrinsic motivation and selfdetermination theory o We all want to feel positive feeling speak experiencesselfreinforcing experiencesThey are intrinsically motivating they are the goal themselves o Providing rewards and incentives for intrinsically enjoyable behaviorundermine those behaviorDecreases human performance in that tasko Skinners behaviorism people perform best when rewarded for what they do o ExperimentDeci students asked to solve problems 1 Were told they would be paid 2 Told nothing Found that those who were promised payment spent less time doing the puzzle during freetime period and they enjoyed the puzzle less than those who were told nothing and were not paido Students who received extrinsic reward for their performance had decrease in intrinsic motivation to do the task o Rewards do not ALWAYS undermine intrinsic motivation1 task must be intrinsically entertainingIn boring tasks having a reward may increase motivation3 depends on what aspect of behavior is being rewarded effort vs abilitySelfdetermination theory we naturally tend to encounter new challenges that promote selffulfillment o Personspontaneously engages in that task that makes them happy o Such activityselfdetermined o Therefore intrinsic motivationselfdetermined o Controlled behaviornot selfdeterminedAmotivatedThey could be intentional but they feel as if they are things that the person does not truly want to do o Amotivated behaviorunintentional disorganized since the person cannot regulate hisher actionsSelfdetermined behavior enhances development of self o Greater degree of selfinvolvement o Behavior becomes less controlled and amotivated and becomes incorporated within and guided by the selfSelfdetermined behavior stems from three needs o 1 competence control outcomes of events o 2 Autonomy Desire to feel one is independent o 3 relatedness strive to care for others feel that others relate to the self
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